Dx4 provides full reuse capabilities for your topics and content even when your authors are writing content in Microsoft Word. It is not a Word-like interface. It is Word!

You can either choose the very simple topic approach that allows your authors to write in Word exactly like they have always done. Or you can make use of more sophisticated reuse mechanisms using Word and the DxAuthor add-in for Word.

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to reuse full topics, a standard Microsoft Word installation is all you need to author.
With the DxAuthor add-on for Word, a range advanced reuse capabilities will be powering up your content:

  • Content references allow you to reuse just a part of the content from another topic to ensure consistency of e.g. a legal note.
  • Semantic tagging lets you create placeholders for content for example in templates and it allows you to extract content in a structured way e.g. for machine reading.
  • Placeholders for variables¬†enable you to reuse your topics even though for each publication you want client specific information to be filled in right where it is needed.
  • Filtering allows you to single source different versions of you content for different purposes. Why not use the same topic for both novice and experienced users?

DxAuthor is a sidebar that appears only when you need it and only for the authors that need it, and it works in both your local Word application and in Word Online.

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