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The DitaExchange solution helps organizations establish a “single-source of truth” for all content developed within the organization. All information developed using Dx4 is structured into topics or pieces that can be pulled into document maps that are published as needed. This dynamic process speeds time in authoring, reduces approval cycles, facilitates re-use and ensures consistency across the organization.

Why Structured Content Management?

Information is only valuable if you can find it. And it’s more valuable if you can re-use it while reducing time spent in authoring.

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Dx4 Benefits

Content management is not enough, add structure to bring order to an often-complicated process and free your content from the confines of a single document.

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Dx4 Features

Built to run on Microsoft SharePoint and Office, Dx4 is the easiest path to structured authoring and content management for your organization. Find out how we’ve done it.

Find out out how we’ve done it

Flexible Delivery

In the cloud? On premise? The choice is yours – and it always will be. Dx4 can help you no matter how you deploy it.

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Microsoft Partnership

We didn’t just build a solution for a Microsoft product, we partnered with Microsoft to enhance and extend our Dx4 architecture.

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