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How Structured Content Management Is Revolutionizing the Life Sciences Industry

One can learn a lot about structured content management by playing with a pile of Lego® blocks.  The attraction behind this worldwide blockbuster of a toy lies in the re-usability of the blocks that come in its boxes. Lego has built its success on enabling its end users to create an infinite number of structures from an almost infinite set of re-usable parts. And, it’s exactly that premise that makes structured content management (SCM) so valuable for the global pharmaceutical market.

In a life sciences business context, if we think about the information that is created during the process of bringing a drug, biologic or medical device to market in terms of ‘blocks’ of re-usable information, an entirely different content creation and management paradigm can be realized. To find out how structured content management can help your organization and to read about the benefits Sanofi is realizing with SCM, download the DitaExchange whitepaper now.