Sanofi talks about Structured Authoring with DITA

Sanofi is working with Microsoft, DITA Exchange and the ArborSys Group to “Leverage Structured Content from Protocol through Submission”

Sanofi US has worked with DITA Exchange implementation partner ArborSys Group to apply the benefits of DITA, Structured Authoring and automated publishing to clinical and CMC documentation processes. The results have been impressive.

At ShareFEST 2012, Joan Affleck and Bhanu Bahl of Sanofi teamed with Vasu Ranganathan of the ArborSys Group to talk about their implementation of DITA Exchange software, and the compelling business drivers for the broader initiative they call “CRUISE” (Content Re-Use Information System for Electronic Documents).

Here’s the abstract for that talk:


Implementing Structured Authoring – Understanding the DITA Model and its Applicability for Content and Metadata Management

Joan Affleck – Senior Director, Clinical Documentation, Sanofi

Bhanu Bahl – Business Project Manager, CSOP, Sanofi

Vasu Ranganathan – President, ArborSys Group, LLC

The DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) Model provides an open XML content standard defining a common structure that promotes the consistent creation, sharing and re-use of information. This presentation will provide practical insights into the DITA model garnered from the experience of different companies that have implemented structured content authoring. We will introduce the concept of a Structured Authoring maturity model as a means of monitoring progress. A key focus of this session will be the design and application of content maps for clinical and CMC documentation. The implication for ease of re-use and tracking of information across a dossier will also be discussed.

  • Translate the concepts of DITA Model/topic-based structured content into high value pharmaceutical applications
  • Demonstrate the business value of content
  • Understand the role of content design as the foundation of a successful implementation

You can view the slides they presented here.


Leveraging Structured Content from Protocol through Submission

At the Life Sciences Innovation Forum, Joan, Bhanu and Vasu shared a presentation that was an early version of the ENCORE (Enterprise Content Optimization & Reuse Engine) presentation they delivered at ShareFEST a few months later: Leveraging Structured Content from Protocol through Submission

  • Gaining operational efficiencies throughout the development process
  • Planning early on and carrying out the process throughout
  • How can industry standards and technology provide the foundation for execution
  • How to leverage structured content in a real world environment

You can view the slides used at the Life Sciences Innovation Forum here.