Recorded Webinar: Apply structure to the unstructured and increase quality and productivity.

Joan Affleck, Associate Vice President/Operational Leader at Sanofi and Jim Nichols, Vice President, Life Sciences and US Operations, DitaExchange discuss Structured Content Management and how Sanofi is realizing the benefits of intelligent authoring with structured content.

Content management is not new to pharma, however traditional solutions, and even many modern ones, focus on managing full documents, locking away key information into a single-use scenario. The processes for authoring and approving documents required by regulatory bodies is lengthy, but there is a way to re-use approved content and significantly decrease time spent in development. Structuring content so that it can be used – compliantly – in any document throughout the organization is a new industry trend that your organization needs today. Discover how Sanofi has added structure to their protocol study development resulting in improved timelines, re-use of content, automation, and integrated process simplification for better decision-making and understanding. See why Structured Content Management (SCM) is the future.

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February 8, 2016