SAMSUNGAt the Content Management Strategies 2012 conference in La Jolla, California, Lisa Sageev of Biosense Webster® presented her process of choosing a CCMS (Component Content Management System). After outlining her experience with the DITA Open Toolkit and the implementation of a problematic CCMS that needed to be replaced, Lisa explained why they chose to build their new CCMS on SharePoint using DITA Exchange software. She also shared a story about how she was pleasantly surprised at the high value of being able to output their DITA content into Microsoft Word documents (styled according to a Microsoft Word template) using the DITA Exchange Word Publisher.

Choosing a CCMS at Biosense Webster (the session abstract)

Lisa Sageev Ole Rom AndersenThis session describes a CCMS selection process that benefited from clearly defined use cases developed from the documentation team’s experience using a CMS that did not meet their needs, as well as Lisa’s former experience of leading a small documentation team using only the DITA Open Toolkit and a shared file system. Practical advice is shared about identifying and satisfying critical success factors including advanced toolset capabilities, translation workflows, user adoption, future flexibility, and reliable system maintenance and governance policy.

The session closes with a summary of the CCMS selection team’s decision to implement their structured content authoring, translation, management, and publishing processes by augmenting Microsoft SharePoint, Biosense Webster’s existing platform for team collaboration, content sharing, and Web applications, with DITA Exchange software.

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