Press Releases

DitaExchange Announces Support for Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)

30 November 2015 – New integration enables Adobe FrameMaker users to expand DITA authoring and content management capabilities with Dx4™. DitaExchange™ announces the out of the box integration of Adobe FrameMaker and Dx4. Through the new, built-in connector, Adobe FrameMaker users can now easily connect to their DitaExchange Dx4 repository of maps and topics without the need to change authoring tools.

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DitaExchange Announces DxTemplates for Life Sciences to Enable Rapid, Consistent ICH Submissions

9 September 2015 – Guides enable organizations to prepare regulatory content submissions using structured content management best practices. DitaExchange™ announces the release of DxTemplates™ for Life Sciences to enable organizations in this highly regulated industry to quickly build key regulatory submission documents using Dx4™ and structured content management (SCM) best practices.

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Next Generation Structured Content Management Solution Launched by DitaExchange

13 April 2015 – DitaExchange™ announces the release of the newest version of its groundbreaking structured content management solution, Dx4™. Built to run on the Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 platforms, Dx4 enables organizations to create and store modular content so that it is infinitely re-usable with the ability to consistently publish anywhere in the format recipients require.

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