Adobe is one of the world’s largest and most diversified software companies. Adobe’s award-winning software and technologies have set the standard for communication and collaboration for more than 25 years. Adobe’s Technical Communication group within the Print and Publishing Business Unit delivers tools and services that are aimed at facilitating the end -to-end process of creating ground-breaking content, deploying it seamlessly across media and devices, and achieving greater business success. Adobe’s Technical Communication products include the Technical Communication Suite, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, FrameMaker Publishing Server, FrameMaker XML Author and RoboHelp Server.

Data Concept Technology (DCT for short) is a DITA Exchange implementation partner in the Netherlands focused in the area of information and knowledge management. The work of DCT specialists revolves around the description, maintenance, accessibility and transferal of information and knowledge. They work at the professional level and are active within various markets, including the manufacturing, process, logistics, pharmacy and energy sectors.

DCT also explicitly profiles itself as a Language Service Provider (LSP). Your information is quickly and expertly translated to or rewritten in more than 50 languages. DCT also offers a range of additional services under the banner of Language Services.

Defakto is a next-generation customer experience agency focused on optimizing enterprises to improve the customer experience and increase customer lifetime revenue.  Defakto does this with an unmatched combination of customer experience design, digital engagement marketing, enterprise collaboration and technology enablement. Based in Dallas, Texas, Defakto’s clients include Cadillac, Time Warner Cable Business Class, and Omnicell, Inc.

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Glemser Technologies is a DITA Exchange implementation partner focused on innovative content management solutions for life sciences companies.  Glemser’s solutions are used to manage both regulated and non-regulated content. Glemser has specialized experience in pharmaceutical labeling, regulatory content management, SOP management, and structured content authoring.

Glemser’s customers include pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, consumer healthcare, and animal healthcare companies.

Microsoft is the primary DITA Exchange technology partner and provider of business productivity infrastructure, including SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

DITA Exchange is proud to be a recipient of the 2012 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award.

NNIT is a DITA Exchange implementation partner and full-service IT consultancy specialised in using IT to overcome the complex challenges inherent in the life sciences industry. They deliver integrated IT services and solutions that support the development, testing, production and marketing of drugs and medical devices in full compliance with the authorities.
SyncRO Soft develops the industry-acclaimed oXygen XML Editor, facilitating teams in small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, government agencies, and international organizations in authoring documents, publishing in different formats, collaborating with team members, and managing content. It is the only tool that supports all XML schema languages. It provides the widest coverage of state-of-the-art XML technologies; complies with standards of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and of other organizations; and enhances productivity through an intuitive and innovative authoring and development environment.


Paragon Solutions is an advisory consulting and systems integration firm that specializes in enterprise information management to help clients leverage information assets for better business results. The company does this through its industry practices, solution accelerators and specialized technology competencies that help clients achieve operational efficiency, business scalability and regulatory compliance. Paragon works with businesses that are focused in a few key industries − communications, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and life sciences. The industry-focused practices work with Paragon’s competency groups to address today’s client concerns in Process Optimization, Information Management and Information Insight.

Stilo International are the developers of OmniMark – a specialist tool for developing high-performance XML/SGML content processing applications, Migrate – an XML cloud service that enables authoring team members to automate the conversion of their content from various source formats including FrameMaker, Word, InDesign, DocBook and RoboHelp to DITA XML, and AuthorBridge – a new XML cloud  authoring service, designed for occasional content contributors who have no knowledge of DITA XML or its complexities. Operating from offices in the UK and Canada, we support commercial publishers, technology companies and government agencies around the world.