Dx4 Helps Highly Regulated Companies Tackle Growing Challenges

AARHUS, DENMARK and KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – 13 April 2015 – DitaExchange™ announced today the release of the newest version of its groundbreaking structured content management solution, Dx4™. Built to run on the Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 platforms, Dx4 enables organizations to create and store modular content so that it is infinitely re-usable with the ability to consistently publish anywhere in the format recipients require.

Companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services and life sciences, generate large quantities of content some of which must be provided to various regulatory bodies. Traditional content management systems allow for the storage and approval of documents as a whole making re-use cumbersome and prone to error. Dx4 enables contributors to author content modules that can be individually authored and approved so that they can be used for many purposes across the organization in a consistent manner.

“Documentation required in regulated industries can often be used for many different purposes, but most content management systems do not allow effective re-use of these materials,” said Jim Nichols, vice president, DitaExchange. “Using DITA principles, Dx4 enables content that has traditionally been locked away into a static document to be re- used easily while saving time in authoring and approval processes.”

Dx4 runs on the SharePoint platform – on premise or in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure and uses a Microsoft Word interface extending the use of current technologies that many organizations are already using. Training is also greatly reduced, as these systems are common business tools.

Dx4 Features
Flexible delivery options
Dx4 is a SharePoint app and can be deployed on premise, on Microsoft Office 365 or via
a cloud provider.

Drag and Drop
DxNavigator is the next-generation interface for working in maps. Drag and drop, preview, and discuss topics, all in a modern HTML5 interface.

Flexible topic architecture
Choose DITA XML or Word topics. Mix and match both topic types, even within a single map.

Easy DITA authoring
Using the familiar Word interface, easily generate complex, valid DITA topics without any knowledge of DITA markup.

DITA Features in Word Topics
DxAuthor extends Word’s capabilities to incorporate DITA features such as content references and tagging into Word topics.

DxPublisher allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your documents. Publish to branded PDF or Word documents in minutes. Use advanced conditional publishing and filtering to easily re-purpose content.

Automatically generate HTML, JSON, or XML renditions of topics for presentation on a publishing site.

Review and Approve
Use SharePoint’s robust workflow architecture to track approval status for your maps and topics.
About DitaExchange
DitaExchange is committed to simplifying the way regulated organizations create,
manage, share and deliver important content though structured content management
solutions that are built to run on the SharePoint platform. A leader in Structured Content
Management, DitaExchange is a privately held company headquartered in Denmark with
locations around the world. For more information, visit www.ditaexchange.com


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