Dx4 Benefits


Dx4 Structured Authoring for Regulated Industries.

Dx4 is a structured authoring and management solution that makes it easy for organizations to create, manage, deliver and re-use important content, while enabling them to publish it anywhere, consistently, in the format you need for your readers. By adding structure to content development, organizations can standardize information throughout the business, increasing document quality and decreasing costs as well as review and approval time significantly. 

Dx4 extends the Microsoft SharePoint platform to help organizations standardize their content creation. Information developed and presented using DITA standards can also speed submissions and reviews as the regulatory body becomes accustom to the consistency and structure of an organization’s documents. This unique construction process enables authors to ensure consistency of message to better meet the needs of regulatory authorities from the start, allowing companies to produce the right documents in less time. Your content creators can finally free their content so that it is discoverable and reusable.


If “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” then creating a single source of truth for content that is highly discoverable, infinitely re-usable and easy for end-users is Dx4. One of our core values is to “Keep it Simple” by developing robust solutions that keep simplicity at the core of design.

Beyond static content creation

With Dx4, authors don’t create one document at a time. They create pieces of information called topics that are brought together using document maps. As needs change, new maps are developed that bring corresponding topics together for publishing, ensuring that documents are consistent and up to date – without having to start over with authoring and approval processes.

Authors, authors everywhere

Multiple authors from cross-organizational departments can not only contribute to a single document, but their topics can be re-used as needed in other documents. Dx4 also enables true parallel authoring since multiple authors can be working within various topics at the same time dramatically increasing productivity.


Get a head start

You’ve got a lot of information, we’ve got a lot of maps. Many regulatory authorities require the same types of submissions, so we’ve built the most common maps for you. There are over 50 content maps available with Dx4 to make sure you’re on the right track – right from the start. Learn more.


One world solution

Collaborating with colleagues down the hall or around the world, Dx4 just requires a log-in and you’re all in the same room. Authors, reviewers and approvers can all collaborate in real-time – or whenever it’s convenient for them while using best of breed versioning and Microsoft Office tools.


Flexible delivery

Running on premises or in the cloud, Dx4 has solutions that fit your needs now and into the future. Find out more about our flexible solutions that fit your business model, not the other way around.

Reduce training

It’s not “Word-like”, it IS Word. Dx4 uses a true Microsoft Word interface for authoring. Currently, 1 in 7 people on the planet use Microsoft Office, so user training is done in a flash. Read more.


Expand your SharePoint Investment

Dx4 runs on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, which represents a $2 billion worldwide industry. Chances are, your organization is already using this powerful solution, so expand your usage – and your investment.


Industry expertise

The DitaExchange team has deep expertise in the financial services and life sciences industries as well as DITA principles to help guide you in developing your program.

Award winning

DitaExchange is the recipient of the 2012 Microsoft Global Life Sciences Innovation Award. Find out how DitaExchange helped Sanofi develop a practical approach to the auto-assembly of Patient Narratives, reducing time spent on authoring and review by over 90% in this case study.