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AARHUS, Denmark, 28 February 2017 – Safety is of paramount importance to air travelers and regulatory bodies such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) play a fundamental role. In the past, adhering to regulations meant sifting through dozens of individual, long documents for stakeholders in the aviation industry. Following months of close collaboration with EASA, DitaExchangeTM announced today that its Dx4TM structured content management software was chosen by EASA to support its new eRules platform. This platform aims at fulfilling EASA’s objective to make European aviation regulations more user-friendly than ever before.

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  • Structured Content Management (SCM) for everyone: Dx4 enabled EASA to create modular content that can be tagged, organized and reused without the need for complex XML authoring tools and in Microsoft SharePoint and Word.
  • Easy reuse: By using SCM, EASA was able to produce audience-targeted deliverables that provided the right content at the right time, to the right person using less authoring and reviewing time.
  • Advanced, automated publishing: The Dx4 advanced publishing engine enabled EASA to produce beautifully styled print documentation with a single click.
  • Metadata-driven search: Using the advanced search capabilities of DitaExchange and SharePoint, EASA is positioning itself to deliver its content to stakeholders through a variety of mediums, including an advanced search-based interface.

Kent Soerensen, CEO, DitaExchange, said:
“We are very proud to help EASA by supplying the core functionality to a cutting-edge IT platform that will set new standards for delivering regulatory information to the aviation industry. We see a strong tie between the ambitions of EASA and our commitment to bringing the power of structured content management to every organization delivering crucial information. The eRules platform is going to be a valuable tool for the entire aviation industry.”

Visit DitaExchange and EASA at the LavaCon conference from May 22-24 in Dublin, Ireland to learn more about structured content management for regulated industries.

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